Changing Accountant

Changing accountant couldn’t be easier than at Brookman. Read on to find out we do it.

Step 1
We send you a letter which you sign and return to us. This gives us authority to speak with your
existing accountant in order to obtain all of your accounting and tax paper work.

Step 2
We send your signed form to your existing accountant. With it we include what is called
a ‘professional courtesy letter’, and in it we ask if there is any reason that we cannot take you on
as a client. We have to ask this as part of our institute’s professional guidelines, and it does not
normally present any problems. We also ask them for a copy of your accounting and tax paper work.

Step 3
We receive the requested paperwork from your old accountant and start working with you.

That’s it. Three easy steps and all you have to do is sign one form. If you are interested in changing
accountants or would like to contact us then Get in Touch