Company Formation

If you are considering forming a company then you may well be aware of the many websites out there offering you a fully formed company in 3 hours. The fact is that forming a company should not involve simply completing an online form and making a payment. There are many important factors to consider, and at Brookman we believe these factors should be discussed with an expert, like ourselves, before any forms are filled out or any payments are made. For instance:

  • Is forming a company the right choice for you as opposed to acting as a sole trader, partnership, or LLP?
  • What will your company name be, and do you have the relevant support to include a ‘sensitive word’ within it?
  • How many directors should you have, and who is suitable to act as a director?
  • Do you need a company secretary and, if so, who should it be?
  • Where will your registered address be, and should it be different to your trading address?
  • What quantity of shares should you have, at what value and how will they be allocated?
  • What class should your shares be, and what will be their particulars?
  • How are you going to manage your company finances?
  • Should your company become VAT registered?
  • How will your ensure corporate and legal compliance?
  • Do you need to patent or trademark any part of your business?

So it really is more complicated than simply filling in a form. At Brookman we will use our knowledge and experience to help you decide upon the best options for you and your business. If you are interested in company formation or would like to contact us then get in touch.